This week’s E-Retailing topic: the legal aspects of e-retailing. Dr. Whitaker walked her students through the variety of legal issues an e-retailing business can run into.

There are many points in the beginning stages of starting a business where you can run into serious legal issues. Some of them are: deciding on a name, opening business bank accounts, incorporating/licensing the business, creating contracts, purchasing insurance, and building a team of professionals.

One specific legal issue that Dr. Whitaker noted many people run into was not knowing the differences in types of business entities, ranging from sole proprietorships to limited liability companies. 

Another issue common issue: not using proper legal disclaimers when selling products. This is an important issue for those who use YouTube as a platform for promoting. 

Finally, not adequately protecting your website can lead to significant problems. If you are thinking about starting your own e-retailing business, always proceed with caution and make sure all of your bases are covered. Don’t start off on the wrong foot!

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