Faculty & Staff

Below is the list of Clarewood’s current adjunct professors:

Richard Linowes – D.B.A, Harvard University Business School; M.S., Computer and Communication Sciences, University of Michigan

Richard Linowes’ professional management experience includes several years with Accenture and Goldman Sachs, where he helped plan the firm’s international expansion. Linowes’ research focuses on business in emerging markets and the globalization of management. He studies the challenges of managing cross-culturally and how American and Japanese multinationals adjust to countries around the world. With USAID backing, he has produced an ample collection of case studies profiling businesses in emerging markets. Dr. Linowes develops innovative approaches to management education and was a Fulbright Scholar for pedagogical innovation. He has taught in several countries and has traveled extensively around the world.

James Riggle – Ph.D., Public Policy, George Mason University; MPA, Northern Illinois University

James Riggle was an Instructor, Research Assistant Professor and Research Associate Professor at the School of Public Policy, George Mason University from 1994-2012.  Prior to beginning work on his Ph.D. at GMU, Riggle was a program director for a national non-profit conservation group in Washington, DC, and a management operations analyst at the Illinois Department of Agriculture. He was also a principal investigator for sponsored annual applied research projects on performance measurement and management for more than 10 years, from 1995 through 2008.

Jennifer Catalano – Ph.D., University of Maryland; MBA, International Business, Georgetown University

Dr. Catalano is currently an International Trade Analyst at the United States International Trade Commission and has 20 years of professional experience.  She is accountable for analysis on subjects such as supply chain integration, product uses and substitutes, trade valuation estimates, effects of tariff changes, trade and investment policies, economic modeling assistance, and visits to factories to evaluate manufacturing sites.  She provides contribution analysis and advice to the U.S. Trade Representative for negotiations at the World Trade Organization. Dr. Catalano works with a team of attorneys, economists, and accountants who analyze information for international disputes and produce informative publications for Congress and the public.

Brien Benson – Ph.D., Public Policy, George Mason University; MBA, Stanford University

Brien Benson was a Program Manager and Research Professor at George Mason University for over 20 years.  He was Director of several research and education programs, such as the ITS Implementation Research Center, a consortium of George Mason, UVA, and Virginia Tech, and the FEMA-sponsored Enterprise Risk Management Training Project.

James McCray – D.P.A., Nova Southeastern University; MS, Information Systems, Strayer University

Dr. McCray has directed, managed and supervised professional and non-professional employees and students from over 50 different countries in areas of education, computer information systems, fiscal management, research, health care administration, business administration and government. A multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural professor with supervisory and teaching experience in a variety of program areas, he has engaged and performed in environments employing experiences involving interfacing and communicating with more than 100 traditions from around the world for more than 20 years, to include visiting or residing in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, England, France, Germany, Spain, Costa Rica, Mexico, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Philippine communities.

Nazir G. Dossani – Ph. D., Regional Science, University of Pennsylvania; MBA, Finance, University of Pennsylvania

Nazir Dossani has taught courses in the Finance and Real Estate programs at the Carey Business School at Johns Hopkins University and in the School of Management at George Mason University. He has held upper management positions in Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, and over the last several years has served as a senior consultant in risk management.

Paul Jaikaran – Ed.D., Organizational Leadership; MS, Communications Technology

Paul Jaikaran is a highly accomplished, multifaceted program manager and research specialist with extensive experience encompassing program management, business development, client relations and contract management. He has a proven track record of dramatically improving business infrastructures, operating stability, efficiency, and probability. He was a full time professor at Strayer University for 10 years.