CUVA Board Meeting on April 18, 2015
CUVA Board Meeting on April 18, 2015

Front row starting from the left: Peggy Zhang, Lynn Lilienthal, Michael Maher, the Honorable Robert E. Simon, Delegate Ken Plum, Roger Stough, and Patrick Baker

Upper row starting from the left: Hosea Chew, David Ho, Bonnie Robeson, Al Laich, Robert Ranson, Robert Swartz, Chaudhry Wahab, Mark Zhong, and Keith Segerson

Board of Trustees:

Michael Maher 

Patrick Baker, MBA

Lynn Lilienthal, MA

Jodee Thomas, MA

David Zhigong Ho, Ph.D.

Senior Administrators

Acting President: Richard Linowes, President

Chief Executive Officer: Patrick Baker, MBA.

Vice President: David Ho, Ph.D.

Administrative Dean: Mark Zhong, Ph.D.

International Development Committee:

Moody Yang

Siyi He

Yanhong Zhao

Jingsi Ru

Jodee Thomas

Qi Liu

Administrators and Staff

Office Manager & Admissions Officer: Shanshan Hao, MPA

Academic Program Director: Jennifer Catalano

Chair of Assessment Committee: Bonnie Robeson, Ph.D.

Communications Director: Amelia Townsend

Registrar: Karen Baker, MA

Admissions Office Director: Feifei Faye Hu, MA

Library and Learning Resources Director: Julia Legette, MA

Student Services Director: Peggy Peizhen Zhang, MA

Information Technology Director: Ashley Zhu, MA

Principle Designated School Official (PDSO): Patrick Baker, MBA

Accounting and Financial Officer: David Moy