Clarewood University offers an unique opportunity to earn a graduate degree preparing you to take action in the world of international business or public administration.  Founded in 2014, it carries the spirit of Robert E. Simon, the creator of Reston, whose visionary thinking is a model for the enlightened future leaders we seek to educate in our school. 

Using unique teaching techniques that bring real world experience into the classroom, students broaden their perspective, build on past experience and plan next steps in their career.   These hands-on methods create a dynamic, classroom experience found nowhere else. Students learn lessons through experience in the classroom. A weekend and evening class schedule fits your life.  Located near the Wiehle Reston Metro station, we are right around the corner from American Dream Way.

The international mix of our students makes classroom interaction great practice for global business.  Students come from a variety of educational, professional and cultural backgrounds and those differences become assets that enhance the educational experience.  We build understanding through practiced and respectful interaction in class.  We learn from course materials but also from each other.  By introducing a wide variety of experiences in class, we provide new ways of learning that build insight and confidence.  Classes are lively and fun.  An antidote to online education.

One graduate proudly declared at his Commencement ceremony that he “felt like a grownup” – he was now conversant about current events and financial markets, well informed about strategic directions of key businesses and government agencies, and nimble and primed to join discussions about the strategic direction of a business – which in fact he did with the company he joined.  They welcomed him to their team, and he jumped into the discussion.  

We expect all our graduates to display a similar breath of awareness and understanding about developments in the world.   We expect all our graduates to bring topflight analysis to key decisions.  We expect all our graduates to develop the human sensitivity needed to work well with others to achieve results.  Clarewood graduates are very special talent for any management team.

We are eager to help you put your education into action.  Clarewood genuinely believes that your success is our success, and we are committed to getting you launched.  Our master’s degrees offer value that transcends borders.  We offer education the way it should be.  We aim to enhance who you are and ready you to take action in the world.  


We sincerely welcome you to Clarewood–the frontier of education!


Dr. Richard G. Linowes, D.B.A.