picture of presidentWe welcome students pursuing their degrees at Clarewood University. They are joining the faculty and administration in an important and vital activity. We are organized to fulfill the professional and educational objectives of our students and to support them in developing their skills to fit the needs of the domestic and global society. We are growing an institution that is based on the long experience of faculty and administrators to develop the best educational guidance system for students pursuing professional development and community leadership.

Clarewood is a university offering an academic environment that is both intellectually stimulating and supportive of cultural diversity. The highly qualified faculty and dedicated staff will provide a targeted educational experience that creates global leaders for the 21st century.

Special features of the Clarewood University include its appreciation of the international environment, cross-cultural issues and the support requirements of US and international students seeking an appreciation of the international marketplace. By creating a strong educational setting for the development of skills related to business, we believe we will create a new cadre of private and public sector leaders. This can only occur in a climate that appreciates and supports a global perspective. The University advances this concept for domestic and international students as they realize their goal of a fine American business education.

Students at Clarewood University will study in an environment that celebrates practical experience and high-quality intellectual exchange in a contemporary management setting. Students will enjoy the opportunity to nurture their creative instincts and curiosity central to the cross-cultural business environment. Students will do this in the stimulating setting of the American National Capital Region adjacent to Washington D.C. This region contains representatives of every international culture and continuous exposure to debates around the political, economic and business activities of the future.

Welcome, it is a pleasure to have you join us!

Kingsley E. Haynes, PhD