MBA Program: General Academic Related Fees

Per Quarter Credit hours: $280

Per course: $280 x 4.5= $1,260

Total Courses for Graduation: 12

Total Program Tuition: $15,120


Two Courses Per Academic Quarter Annual Cost Per Year Four Quarters Per Quarter
Tuition/Year 10,080.00 4 2520
Registration 240 4 60
Books 650 4 162.5
Computer Fee 120 4 30

Housing, Transportation

& Food

9000 4 2250
Other: Personal, Entertainment, Insurance & Utilities 4000 4 1000
Total 24,090.00 4 6022.5


Non-refundable Related Fees

Application Fee $50
Registration Fee $60
Readmission Fee $100
Auditing Tuition 50% tuition
Add/Drop fee $50
Late Payment Fee $50
Transcript Processing Fee $10
Return Check Fee $40
Student ID Card & Annual Renewal $15
Installment Fee $25
Computer Lab Fee (per term) $30


Textbook Expenses

The cost of textbook and supplies is approximately $650 per academic year.

Late Payment Fee

It is the responsibility of students to pay tuition and fees before the first day of the term. However, there will be no penalty if tuition and fees are paid within 3 working days after the beginning of the term. Students who fail to pay their fees after 3 working days will be required to pay a late penalty fee of 10% of the unpaid balance.

Add/Drop Fees

Students can add/drop courses in the first week after the beginning of a term. $50 will be charged for adding or dropping courses afer the first week.

Payment Plans

Tuition is charged on a quarter-by-quarter basis. Once a student is admitted, tuition and fees must be paid to cover the cost of the full quarter. Students are encouraged to pay the full cost of their tuition and fees before the first day of the quarter. Cash, cashier’s check or major credit cards are accepted as payment methods. Fees must be paid in full before the first day of a quarter. A student who fails to pay full tuition before or on the registration date of next quarter may be refused registration for the new quarter.

Cancellation Period and Refund Policy

A student is entitled to cancel his or her enrollment in a course prior to the first day of the quarter, with a full refund. A student can also withdraw from a course after it has begun, but may not be entitled to a full refund.

Cancellation Period

Clarewood University makes its Refund Policy consistent with the requirements of Virginia State Regulation 8VAC40-31-160(N).

Clarewood University will return all payments and fees, except the application fee of $50, under one of the following situations:

  • The student is not admitted to Clarewood University.
  • The student does not enroll in the Clarewood University.
  • The student is dismissed prior to the start of the program.
  • The student cancels enrollment within three business days (excluding weekends and holidays) of admission, prior to the first day of the quarter.

Withdrawal Period

  1. An enrolled student in Clarewood University who would like to withdraw from the university or a program after the cancellation deadline will be required to submit a written notice for withdrawal. The application fee is also non-refundable.
  2. After the start of the course, the following refund schedule will be used to determine any financial obligations for which the student may be responsible:

Withdrawal Period             Tuition Refund

Week 1 (Add/Drop Period)            100%

Week 2 to Week 3                            50%

Week 4 to Week 6                            25%

After Week 6                                     0%


  1. Students wishing to withdraw from a course after the Add/Drop Period time are required to contact the Registrar’s office during business hours via e-mail, and submit a written request for withdrawal. If a student does not make a formal withdrawal from the course by submitting a written request within 14 calendar days from the student’s last day of attendance, the timeframe for the calculation of the refund will begin from the 14th day. If the Registrar receives the student’s written request for withdrawal within 14 calendar days, tuition refunds will be calculated based on the day the Registrar received the written withdrawal request. Clarewood University will refund the requested tuition within 30 days from the day the Registrar receives the written request or from the last date the student attended classes.