Clarewood University

Job position of Director, Student Academic Advising

Job Description:

1. Provide educational advice for students

2. Create customized curriculum/degree plans to remind and advise students on course requirements for degrees and certificates

3. Advise students on course selections for satisfactory completion of degree requirements

4. Advise students on change of majors and program transfer options

5. Inform students the university policies and procedures, university enrichment opportunities, and university support services, maintain a positive support system for students.

6. Coordinate academic administration and management.

* This position does not require knowledge of a foreign language and does not require the person holding the position work on translations.

Requires Bachelor’s degree in educational psychology or a related field plus at least one year experience as an education advisor or on a related position. Good communication skills and attention to details.

Please mail resume and cover letter to Clarewood University, 1840 Michael Faraday Dr., Suite 100, Reston, VA, 20190.