Center for Asian Politics and Policy (CAPP)

Created at the turn of the century, the Center for Asian Politics and Policy (CAPP)
supports research programs and publications in the field of Asian studies. Through collective work among scholars, the center conducted a series of studies on East Asia regional community building, which resulted in a 511-page book published in 2008. CAPP worked with Renmin University of China from 2005 to 2010 to support the editing of a scholarly journal. From 2012 on, CAPP began to support the publication of the Journal of Asian Politics and History (JAPH).

Now a part of the Clarewood University, the Center for Asian Politics and Policy is currently
having research projects on the studies of ASEAN-China-U.S. relations, Mekong Five Countries
(Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam), the South China Sea, as well as Asia-Pacific community building.


David Zhigong Ho, (Ph.D. University of Houston,

Research Fellows:

Robert Bedeski, Professor Emeritus, University of Victoria, Canada

Bo Gao, (Ph.D. University of Nottingham, UK)

Frank An, (MA Foreign Affairs University of China, Beijing)