Our MPA Program


MPA Program Learning Objectives:

The MPA program prepares students with the knowledge necessary for leading public, non-profit and business sectors, facilitates students with advanced analytical and leadership skills ranging from managerial economics to technological innovations, and helps students to participate in and contribute to public policy processes. The priority of this program is to offer hands-on skills which will lead to a successful career. Upon completion of this multi-faceted curriculum, students should:

  • Develop leadership and decision-making skills;
  • Achieve a masters-level understanding of modern governance;
  • Gain hard-skills which are useful in statistical and analytical tasks;
  • Master financial planning and budgeting skills;
  • Gain knowledge about non-profit organization management and public advocacy;
  • Develop skills related to procurement and public-private partnerships; and
  • Foster higher moral standards and a strong sense of public service.

The program is designed as follows:

  1. Core Courses: (40.5 credits / 9 courses)

All students are required to complete the 9 compulsory courses listed below:

Code number Course Title Credits
PUAD401 Public Administration Management 4.5
STAT501 Introduction to Statistics 4.5
ECON505 Managerial Economics 4.5
MAGT515 Human Resource Management 4.5
MAGT522 Management of Innovation & Technology Change 4.5
PUAD502 Public Budgeting 4.5
PUAD503 Public Policy Process 4.5
PUAD504 Public & Non-Profit Accounting & Finance 4.5
PUAD505 International Relations 4.5


  1. Selective Courses (9 credits / 2 courses)

Students select 2 courses from the following:

Code number Course title Credits
PUAD506 Fundamentals of Conflict Studies 4.5
PUAD507 E-Governance 4.5
PUAD508 Social Entrepreneurship 4.5
PUAD509 Security on Networked Environments 4.5
MAGT511 Organizational Behavior and Government 4.5


  1. Experiential/Integration Project (3.5 credits/ 1 course)

Students are required to complete a knowledge-integrating experiential component either as a capstone activity or as a supervised practicum or as an internship in the last term after completion of all core and selective courses.

Code number Course Title Credits
PUAD510 Capstone Project 3.5
PUAD511 Supervised Practicum 3.5
PUAD512 Internship 3.5