Senior Administrators

President: Richard G. Linowes

President Emeritus of the University, Chairman, Clarewood University Foundation: Kingsley Haynes, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer: Patrick Baker, MBA.
Vice President: David Ho, Ph.D.
Administrative Dean: Mark Zhong, Ph.D.

Yan Zhang, BA, Treasurer

Cheng He, BA, Corporate Secretary



Admissions Officer and Office Manager: Shanshan Hao
Administrative Assistant: Asma Boubekri
Compliance Officer: Yanaisse Milagros Arica
Academic Program Director: Brien Benson, Ph.D.
Chair of Assessment Committee: Bonnie Robeson, Ph.D.
Communications Director: Amelia Townsend
Registrar: Karen Baker, MA
Admissions Office Director: Feifei Faye Hu, MA
Library and Learning Resources Director: Julia Leggett, MA
Student Services Director: Peggy Peizhen Zhang, MA
Information Technology Director: Ashley Zhu, MA